About Miss Marciemissmarcie

missmarcieimageHere’s how the story goes…

Once upon a time a little gal was working her way around Huron County, like many other women, trying to discover who she really was and what her role was in this beautiful world. Having been married and a beautiful son because of it…working for several non-profits and organizations as their marketing/graphic design guru was challenging and awarding at times, it just never quite felt like the perfect fit. Finding herself again through her love of music and getting back into vintage clothing, the pinup culture looked and felt like the perfect world for her to blossom.

Two years ago, I was asked to design an all men’s non-themed calendar, for the Huron Women’s Shelter. While I was doing this project I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be to do a pin up calendar. With local, high profile ladies in our community who have made a difference, by empowering, inspiring and helping women, men, and children. So I pitched the idea to the shelter in January 2016 to create, organize and promote the 2017 calendar and they jumped on board.

The story doesnโ€™t end there…

While visiting the hub of the Pinup culture, Los Angeles, I randomly met a connection to the LA Times, at the LA Times Festival of Books and we became friends instantly. She is also a fan of the Pinup culture and once I shared my project, she was hooked. This mutual friendship and support gave me the gumption and drive to keep moving forward, connecting with the right companies in LA and Canada to create more and more.

The idea flew and keeps flying high…people all over the country have been noticing and loving the idea. This coming year, the Pinup Calendar ride officially starts…stay connected with me through my social media worlds…it’s going to a blast!

Thank you for all the support I’ve been receiving, couldn’t have done it without all my gals and gents love.

Much love to you all,