About Miss Marciemissmarcie

missmarcieimageWhy Pinup you ask?

Once upon a time a little gal was working her way around Huron County, like many other women, trying to discover who she really was and what her role was in this beautiful world. Having been married and a beautiful son because of it…working for several non-profits and organizations as their marketing/graphic design guru was challenging and awarding at times, it just never quite felt like the perfect fit. Finding herself again through her love of music and getting back into vintage clothing, the pinup culture looked and felt like the perfect world for her to blossom. The music I loved was retro, the clothes I loved were vintage and my sensibilities responded to the art and culture of the 1940’s and 50s. As an artists, I wanted others to experience the same joy I felt uncovering and celebrating my uniqueness. And so, Miss Marcie – Canada’s Pinup Girl was born.

But of course like many new things, there’s always a challenge and one in particular has been the word “Pinup”…I want to change the stigma of that word. In history, “Pin-ups were artwork depicting idealized versions of what some thought a particularly beautiful or attractive woman should look like.” I want to change this, so when people see “Pinup” they think about women and men who have overcome issues within society, themselves, and the world. In history, women (and men in some cases) did not have a voice, some may have wanted to be in politics, a doctor, a lawyer….anything a man was doing, by they couldn’t speak that truth. Now, in this day in age, we can freely speak our truth. We have a voice, we are actually more empowered and taken more seriously in this world, because we shine brightly, our fire inside ourselves is stoked by our passions. I know that when I wear a flower in my hair and flowery dresses to a corporate business meeting, I’m taken seriously, because my passion for who I am and what I do shines, and one can’t help but be empowered and interested by it.

What now? How to share my feelings of empowerment with other women and men? Fate intervened. A calendar I developed for the Huron Women’s Shelter featured local, high profile women in our community who have made a difference- empowering, inspiring and helping women, men, and children. Dressed in retro, the calendar was a celebration of endeavor and accomplishment.

The work goes on…My passion for Pinup as a vehicle to reveal and celebrate self-expression continues. As an artist and businesswoman, I aim to capture human uniqueness, photographing men and women-known and unknown-for my calendars and in my online portrait gallery. It’s exciting work: I’m having fun with it, learning a lot and so are my wonderful subjects.

Thank you for all the support I’ve been receiving, couldn’t have done it without all my gals and gents love.

Much love to you all,
Miss Marcie